New Store Update

Hey there my sparkly kittens!

As you can see we have moved website (again!) we'll soon be updated the address to the good ol', so bare with us.

We'll be using this page to keep you all up to date with the website move/update and share all the questions asked by customers, so it'll be an easy FAQ for all our lovely customers.

Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding during this time, we all love the new site and know you will to xoxo


Will my account transfer to the new site?

I'm afraid not, you'll need to create a new account on this site.


What will happen to my loyalty points from the old store?

They'll be transfered across, but we need to do this manually, so sign up to this store, then pop us a message and we'll transfer them over for you.

This will need to be done by 10/10/19 to ensure you don't lose them.


VIP Subscriptions - a few key points

  • VIP Subscriptions WILL NOT transfer across, you'll need to sign up to the new VIP on this site here
  • All subscriptions on the old site have now been put ON-HOLD.  Any processed this month (October) have now been completed and dispatched
  • Subscriptions will now be sent monthly, and renew on the same date, see the new product listing for full info.


 My subscription renewed on the old site for October, what do I do?

Only a small handful renewed before we could pop on hold, these will be cancelled and refunded today and you can set up a new subscription on the new site, if you're concerned please don't hesitate to contact us.

If I choose the one time purchase option say in the middle of October will I get the October one or will it be sent to me in Nov?

If you placed the following order in October...

  • One-time purchase - will be processed that day and sent like a normal order.
  • Every 1 Month - The payment and order will be processed that day, the next order and payment will be processed on November 5th
  • Every 2 Months - The payment and order will be processed that day, the next order and payment will be processed on December 5th

and so on


Can I view my old orders on the new store?

I'm afraid not, the old website will be gone entirely and the new one will be fresh as a daisy!