Meet the Fairies

Miss Lucy, Head Fairy, Nail Artist & Educator, Suffolk

Hey there Kitties,

I’m now in my 5th year in the fabulous, ever-changing, ever-challenging industry…and I’m loving it!

6 years ago I was an International Competition Groom, starting to feel restless and in need of a new challenge.

I somewhat fell into nails and haven’t looked back.  After 2 years as a Nail Tech, I gained my teaching qualification and now offer independent training for fellow nail techs, for more info, click here.

I started this business to offer high quality, affordable products to other working techs from a working tech.  I personally test every product I sell and can advise on it’s use in salon, as I’ve used it myself!  I have a real love for creating new, eye-catching mixes for my customers and their clients.

I love creating sparkly mixes and seeing them used to create super sparkly nail designs.






Hi all! I’m Niki and I’m one of Lucy’s office fairies. In the last 4 years, I’ve watched Lucy make a complete career change and go from a tentative trainee to an accomplished nail tech, a supportive encouraging educator, and a super sparkly Glitter Fairy.

With her business growing so fast she needed someone to help behind the scenes and that’s where I came in. As well as helping Lucy to make the world sparkle I also run my own little online business, Mama’s Melts. Being surrounded by such a wonderfully talented, enthusiastic, supportive bunch of fairies was bound to inspire me sooner or later so I’ve also just taken the first tentative steps to becoming a fully qualified nail tech. In my spare time you’ll find me out on my motorbike, at live music gigs or spending time with the tribe I live with.

I’m so proud of Lucy and am super excited to be involved in her ventures and adventures. You guys are going to love all the amazing things the future will bring!


Laura Wenn, Nails by Laura, Wisbech

I don’t consider myself anyone special, I love what I do and as long as my clients are happy I’m happy! It’s good to have goals and that’s why I’m getting into competing! For my own personal achievement.
I’m lucky enough that I get to work from home doing what I love around spending time with my family! A healthy balance between work/family is important to me!
I’ve been lucky enough to be part of The Glitter Fairy since the beginning I absolutely love it! I mean who doesn’t love glitter! I’m excited for the future in my own personal growth and also the growth of The Glitter Fairy!
  • Time in the Industry :: 3 years
  • Why did you become a nail tech? :: Originally I had just had my third baby and wanted a way to earn a little bit of money while at home as a stop gap before getting back into work, just doing friends and family, I soon got the big and decided to do some retraining and fell in love with nails after updating my training with Lucy it was at that point I thought maybe this could be a serious line of work for me, over the 3 years I’ve learnt and improved so much and happy that I have a full regular diary of clients
  • What’s your go to colour combo or style? :: ooh that’s a tough one… I think I always bee line to pinks, rose gold nude,  it’s my go do shade with glitter and pattern, but love experimenting with all colours and I’m lucky enough that my clients have a wide range of tastes which enables me to do this
  • What piece of advice would you give to another nail tech? :: Don’t give give up!! Ride the highs and lows in this industry there are a many! It’s important to look back and see where you started off that always gives me a boost when I’m feeling a bit stagnate! Also TRAIN…. TRAIN…. TRAIN never stop learning and pushing yourself!
  • If you weren’t a nail tech, what would your dream job be? :: Ooh If I could he anything in the world it would probably be working in conservation, wild animals, or marine biologist along those lines
  • What was the best training you did to further your career? :: 100% acrylic skills with Lucy I trained several years before I started up and things had changed so much it defo gave me the boost I needed to start my journey, I’ve trained with Hazel Dixon numerous times in different art forms and extreme nails and still train with her regularly
  • What is your biggest achievement to date? :: I’d say achieving a full diary of clients and entering into world of competing I’m very much at the beginning of this journey so fingers crossed I can update this section with a win very soon
  • What are your goals for this year, personal & professional? :: Defo to carry on with competing I’ve only done photographic to date but plan on lots of training this year with a view live compete next year!
  • What did you struggle with most when you stated, and how did you overcome it? :: Nails popping off!! Perseverance and mastering prep and products rectified the prob


Shelley Leadbeater Rogers, 8 Fingers 2 Thumbs, Wiltshire

I live and work in Chippenham, Wiltshire with my Husband Craig and my gorgeous daughter Norah. I currently have a salon on an Industrial Estate where I rent space to 3 other lovely nail techs we are all self employed but support each other’s business and help each other out when we can. I’m in the process of converting my garage so I can have a home salon as well, so will probably split my time between the 2 for a while but eventually will work from home while raising my family.

I met Lucy when I hosted her for training a few years ago, she was just setting out on her Glitter Fairy journey, so when she ran a competition looking for a Hard Gel Tech I thought I’d entered on the off chance never thinking my picture would have any chance of winning let alone becoming one of her Fairy’s, that was 2 years ago we’ve grown into a fab little team, I’m qualified in all types of nails but the majority of my work is Gel Polish and Builder Gel so that’s my area of expertise.

  • Time in the Industry :: I started in 2004.
  • Why did you become a nail tech? :: I became a tech after having my nails done by other people and them never being quite how I wanted them.
  • What’s your go to colour combo or style? :: I love nudes with the pale pink and gold glitters.
  • What piece of advice would you give to another nail tech? ::Practice, perfect the basics and the rest will follow.
  • If you weren’t a nail tech, what would your dream job be? :: Interior Designer.
  • What was the best training you did to further your career? : I trained with CND and although it was the most expensive nail course at the time it gave me such in-depth knowledge and amazing start to my nail career, since then I try to do at least one nail course/play day a year with someone who’s work I admire. I’ve done a few with Lucy and Hazel Dixon they just keep you motivated and wanting to improve your skill level.
  • What is your biggest achievement to date? ::Being asked to be a Fairy of course!!! Also running a successful nail salon for over 10 years, but then making massive changes last year to down size it to have a better work life balance.
  • What are your goals for this year, personal & professional? :: My goals for this year are to move my salon to home so when my daughter starts school in September I can be more flexible with my work and spend quality time with her.
  • What did you struggle with most when you started, and how did you overcome it? :: When I first started nails there wasn’t Facebook or You Tube so I struggled with not having that support network and being able to just google something to see if you were doing it correctly, It was a bit trial and error thankfully I got a job in a fab local salon and learnt so much not just about nails but also dealing with customers and general day to day business challenges.


Jen Daniels, Sparkle Smile & Shine Nails

Hey everyone!! Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about little old me! I am Jen Daniels and I am known on social media as Sparkle Smile & Shine Nails. I create nails to film and photograph help grow my social media following. I am the newest fairy to join Lucy and her other fairies in fairy cove otherwise know as The Glitter Fairy. Lucy needed some help filming for her YouTube channel and I already have the knowledge on how to film nails so it was a perfect fitting for both of us. I will now be doing some swatches/pops for The Glitter Fairy YouTube channel and for the website also. Honestly I was so excited when Lucy asked me if I wanted to join her team, I mean who wouldn’t want to be a fairy right? I will also be helping out on the Facebook group so if you need any help please do tag me in a post and I will be happy to help the best that I can.

Jen xx

  • Time in the Industry :: 6 years
  • Why did you become a nail tech? :: when I was a little girl i begged my mum to buy me a at home kit from Argos and loved nail art. Then when I was s teenager I put nail art to the back of my mind apart from copying my friends and got acrylic nails with the classic French airbrush tip and the occasional flick or rhinestone haha! As time went on I went from job to job and at the age of 21 I had my first child. I became quite lonely and submerged myself into watching YouTube tutorials and that’s when my spark was reignited and I was following YouTube videos on how to do my own acrylic nails. I then decided I wanted to gain a qualification so I could practice on my friends and family. I attended a regrettable one day course and went on from there. At this time there wasn’t much awareness of day courses so I thought it was completely normal thing to do. I always felt I hadn’t learnt enough and have always wanted to know everything I can about my our interests so I started attending courses to improve my skills including one with Miss Lucy and reading books by Marian Newman and Ela Loszczyk this really helped me improve my skills. And that’s about it up until now
  • What’s your go to colour combo or style? :: For me personally I love burgundy, golds and lots of sparkles
  • What piece of advice would you give to another nail tech? :: The nail game is not a race and don’t compare yourself to others. And I do not believe that practice makes perfect, practice makes better! Always strive to do better then the set before and analyse you own work to see where you can improve. I am still doing this to this day.
  • If you weren’t a nail tech, what would your dream job be? :: I would work in a special needs school most likely and have been offered this role a few times
  • What was the best training you did to further your career? :: I would always encourage skills and sculpting to help you move forward. Art courses are fabulous but unless your structure is sound there’s no point creating art on top.
  • What is your biggest achievement to date? :: Honestly becoming a glitter fairy I know this seems like an obvious answer however, I have been following Lucy from the very start of her educational career and I have always been drawn to her for her witty humour, honest (and something unpopular haha) opinions and of course her work ethic and skills.
  • What are your goals for this year, personal & professional? :: I want to continue to grow my social media following. Personally I want to ensure I have more time for myself as I am always making sure everyone else is happy before my own happiness (I am already putting this into action wahoo go me)
  • What did you struggle with most when you started, and how did you overcome it? :: Nail thickness and structure. I was never sure if I had the right apex for the length, how to reduce bulk on a nail with acrylic design and glitters. I overcame these obstacles by going on skills building courses, reading a lot of books and watching tutorials.


Pip Weller, Nakuko Nails/Pips Nails - YouTube

I live in Southampton with my husband and our two fur babies Harley and Odie (both Patterdale Terriers) We have a caravan so love weekends away with the dogs which involve lots of long rambling walks! I became a nail tech at the start of 2019 and have converted my spare room into a nail room. I have also created my own YouTube channel ‘Pips Nails’ which is growing faster than I could’ve ever imagined. Becoming a fairy for the Glitter Fairy in August 2019 was an absolute dream come true and has given me a much needed confidence boost. I love the Glitter Fairy and aim to one day own every glitter! Lucy’s mixes are so unique and beautiful, she’s got an amazing eye for glitter! My main role in the Glitter Fairy is helping out with social media and generally promoting the brand. I’ll be helping Lucy with Amazon soon too. 

  • Time in the Industry :: Since Jan 2019
  • Why did you become a nail tech? :: I was previously a hairdresser for 4 years had to give it up due to dermatitis. I ended up working for my parents temporarily in their nursery business and 10 years later I’m still there! I was desperate for a creative outlet and found the likes of Miss Lucy on YouTube and was instantly hooked! My passion for nails has just grown from there. 
  • What's your go to colour combo or style? :: It depends on the season! I love corals and yellows in the summer, reds and oranges in autumn/winter. All with a healthy dose of glitter of course!!
  • What piece of advice would you give to another nail tech? :: Don’t compare yourself to someone who’s been doing nails for years. Practise makes perfect, go easy on yourself!
  • If you weren't a nail tech, what would your dream job be? :: Definitely something to do with dogs. I’d love to train guide dog puppies, it would be hard to let them go but so rewarding! 
  • What was the best training you did to further your career? :: I have only done my basic training so far but would love to do a shaping course soon. 
  • What are your goals for this year, personal & professional? :: Personally I want to work on my mental health and getting to a place where I feel happier and more confident in myself. Professionally I’d love to drop a day or two of my full time job to work on nail clients. 
  • What did you struggle with most when you stated, and how did you overcome it? :: Lifting. I watched lots of YouTube videos and tried lots of different products.


Brittany Walker, Nails By Lady Red

I live in Indiana USA with my husband Jeremiah and 12 year old son Trenton. I finally found the courage to start my own YouTube Channel (Nails By Lady Red) and share my work with others, and I’m so overwhelmed with how much it’s grown! I started doing nails a little over 2 years ago and that’s when I found Lucy on YouTube. I never really paid much attention to YouTube until I kept running into lifting issues and my son suggested looking up the solution on YouTube! That’s when I found Lucy and was hooked! For the LONGEST time I didn’t realize that Lucy and The Glitter Fairy were the same person all I new is that I loved how creative she was and wanted to do nails just like her and I was obsessed with all the glitter she used from TGF! I placed my first order with TGF about 2 weeks after finding Lucy’s YT Channel and was hooked ever since! I now have close to 500 different glitters from TGF and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon lol. I absolutely love her creativity when it comes to her mixes, her strive to produce quality products and the consistency to always be producing more products for her customers! She is definitely nothing short of AMAZING and I’m so excited and honored to be working with her and the rest of the Fairy’s! My role with TGF is helping with Social Media, promoting all thing TGF and helping others outside the UK like myself discover TGF!!!  

  • Time in the Industry :: A little over 2 years ago
  • Why did you become a nail tech? :: I love everything about nails but mainly love making others feel beautiful and confident... making their own statement and bringing it to life! Teaching my clients along the way so they set a higher standard for their nails and how their nails/themselves should be treated. I wanted to make a difference where I live one glittery nail at a time
  • What's your go to colour combo or style? :: No matter what season it is I always find myself reaching for my green and purple tones
  • What piece of advice would you give to another nail tech? :: Be nice to yourself!!! In this industry we NEVER stop learning... Dont try to rush anything, just keep practicing, keep creating your own routine cause it will always come together! Don’t listen to the negativity that others try to throw at you and keep sharing your progress cause there are a lot of people rooting for your success.
  • If you weren't a nail tech, what would your dream job be? :: I would love to work with young children with special needs.
  • What was the best training you did to further your career? :: Outside of basics... I haven’t received any other training but it is one of my goals for 2020
  • What are your goals for this year, personal & professional? :: Professionally, take a few different lessons to improve my skills, work with forms more, increase my speed, learn one stroke, creat more hand painted designs and push myself out of my comfort zone!  Personally... for 2019-2020 I want to overcome my mental and physical health barriers so that I may continue to grow and hopefully inspire others with similar issues to do the same, expand my business, move into a bigger house and take a vacation to California to see my family 
  • What did you struggle with most when you stated, and how did you overcome it? :: I struggled with lifting and bulky nails. I overcame these issues by never giving up and being kind to myself! I practiced every day and never gave up and I asked loads of questions to so many fellow nail techs, watched a lot of Lucy’s YouTube videos along with a couple of other channels and tried a lot of different things until I found tricks and techniques that’s worked for me. 


Laura Shuttleworth, Iconic Nails

Becoming a nail technician for me was a second option. I wanted to be a fitness instructor. But when I was old enough to do the course I didn't have the funds (I'd been working in the gym for 5yrs). So I choose to go to college and do beauty therapy level 2. I then went on the a private course and learnt nail extensions, I used to get my nails done every 2 weeks, this is a long distant memory now unfortunately..
I used it as a side line until I had my first child. I knew I wasn't going back to my day job as a nanny, and converted a derelict barn into my first studio. I worked around my new born, evenings and weekends. And when he was 10 months old i put him in nursery for a day and hammered facebook with offers to fill that day.. Within 6 months I found I wasn't having to put offers on to fill my day along with the 5 evenings.
A year in a got so bored of posting a red set, a pink set, a blue set.. That I started to experiment with nail art. Starting with acrylic colour and freehand stuff. Then tried 3d. Once I thought I knew little I went on my first 1-2-1 and smashed out a set I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I could do Kim TU style . From there I was hooked. And have under taken 1-2-1s twice a year, with some amazing inspiring nail technicians and practiced hard.
The design stuff has turned my business around.. And I love it.
Over the years I have tried various different brands and now stick to my absolute favourites and what works for me.... my love for the glitter fairy was instant after my first order with them. I adore the glitters mixes Lucy creates, there is no one's else who offers such amazing mixes.. She definitely has it nailed.. 
My other loves are my 2 children 4 and 3. We are in the outdoors, beaches and forests as often as possible and they have wicked sense of humour.
I also have a year old toy poodle, bam bam, who is the cutest, craziest, most loving dog..
Im just starting to get back into my love of fitness and embarking on my teacher training course. I hope to be back teaching fitness and offering nail 1-2-1s and workshops within the next yr.
Much love xx