Closing Down Update

As some of you may have seen on my recent YouTube Video, I have decided to close The Glitter Fairy.

I want to take this opportunity to saw thank you, a huge, massive, big hug of a thank you, to all my amazing customers over the last few years.  You truly have made this an amazing ride!  However I feel it is time for me to move onto pastures new.

The full YouTube video announcement can be found here.

I've created this page to update regularly with all the answers to the regularly asked questions about the shut down.

It won't happen overnight, there'll be lots of sales and offers in the next few months as I slowly run the business down.

Once again, thank you so much for all your support over the years, and I hope you'll all join me on my new venture.

All my love

Lucy & The Fairies 





I'm a VIP, what will happen with my subscription?

All VIP's will continue as normal until I announce an official closing down date.

At which point I will cancel all subscriptions my end.


Clearing Stock & Sales

Over the coming months I will be regularly adding clearance items to the Bargain Basement

This will be upto date listings of all stock ready to be cleared/sold out.

All bags made up already (the standard 5ml scoop) will be listed for sale, along with a listing for 10g increments.

When the 5ml scoop bags are sold out, the remaining glitter will be sold off in 10g quantities.

So if there's a glitter you just can't live without, you can order 50g (so 5 x 10g bags) and will receive 1 x 50g bag, packaged just for you.


What about my favourite limited editions and TGF exclusive mixes like Arabian Princess??

Once The Glitter Fairy closes, I will occasionally offer pre-order remixes through Miss Lucy's, so please make sure you sign up to this website's mailing list to be kept upto date with these.

I may also do occasional new mixes through Miss Lucy's too, but not to the level I do with The Glitter Fairy.


I have vouchers and loyalty points, how long with they be valid?

All vouchers and loyalty points MUST be used before we close down.

We will announce our official closing date with at least a months notice so you will have plenty of time to use them.


Will there be any re-stocks or re-mixes before you close?

Afraid not, there's just whats in stock at the moment, so don't miss out on your favourites.


Why don't you sell the business?

Honestly, if someone was to contact me with a SERIOUS offer, I may consider it, but most likely I'd rather close it down and re-brand a few items and sell through Miss Lucy's.


A favourite glitter of mine isn't listed, help!

OK, so I have a LOT of stock, every week I will work through a few more boxes and share via email and socials.

Please be patient with me while I do this, keep an eye on our socials and you'll be updated when each product line is stock checked and added to the bargain basement for clearance.


What about your brushes?!

Fret not, these, along with a few other items, will be re-branded and sold through Miss Lucy's


I'd like to start my own glitter business, can you give me some advice?

This is a question I get asked weekly, even before announcing my closure.

So my answer remains the same.

A glitter business is the same as any business, you need to create a business plan and work hard to create your dream.

Good Luck!


Why can't you just get someone in to run the business so you can focus on other things?

Unfortunately this isn't possible, when I run the business from my home.

It also won't reduce more than 30% of the workload so it's best to close it down.


What about your social pages?

They'll be staying, we're deciding how to rebrand and keep them going, we've created an awesome community and don't want to lose that :)